Team Development

“I would like to congratulate TRI Corp. and thank Tom Conine in particular for another successful year of Critical Thinking and the valuable contribution to the Boeing Company. The extraordinary knowledge and experience that Tom brings to each class is reflected in the increased Financial Acumen and Critical Thinking Skills of over 250 business employees throughout the company.”

Michael J. Cave,
Senior Vice President and CFO,
Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Team development is an ongoing activity that improves organizational effectiveness and productivity through cooperation, transparency and open learning. It takes time, energy, interpersonal understanding and leadership to build a team that performs to its potential. Sophisticated team building activities and business simulation games are the heart of TRI Corporation’s programs. Participants:

  • Master how to organize and lead a business team in a highly dynamic and globally-competitive environment.
  • Enhance their personal and collaborative leadership skills needed to create a high-performance team.
  • Receive real-time feedback and assistance from TRI Corp.’s partners and consultants – this enables participants to plan and practice ways to engage and lead their teams “back at the real job.”
  • Review and reflect upon each day’s learnings and journal plans and commitments