Strategic Alignment & Managing Change

“Agilent Technologies was looking for an external partner that would understand our business challenges and co-design a highly engaging simulation from a real world perspective. TRI Corp. provided our senior leaders with a challenging program that helped them to think critically about meeting our financial and growth commitments in an extremely competitive global market.”

William P. Sullivan,
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Agilent Technologies

Strategic alignment and change management are all about helping individuals and organizations understand and achieve their full potential and move in a desired, common direction. TRI Corporation programs assist clients with these challenges by helping them understand the profound strategic implications of building alignment within leadership teams.

  • We start by digging deep to understand our client’s organization from a business, people, systems and political perspective.
  • Our comprehensive and detailed approach to program design helps participants understand new organizational directions, what is expected of them as leaders and how to manage their own personal change.
  • Program participants leave with a plan on how to engage their teams when they get back to work.
  • We believe in the mastery of both “hard” and “soft” skills. Our programs build critical business skills and also embrace critical human issues.
  • Through simulated business experiences and lectures and discussions with TRI Corp.’s partners and consultants, as well as your top executives, participants come to appreciate the multiple dimensions of managing change and achieving alignment.