Participant Feedback

“My key insight from the simulation was the balancing of all aspects of a business vs solely focusing on sales and the supply chain. It was likely the best biz simulation I have been through personally”
VP Sales and Marketing, Intel Corporation

“Our original strategy of quality and innovation wasn’t the best for a more commodity oriented market. We needed to focus on cash flow much more!”
General Manager, Intel Corporation

“Teamwork is critical and setting a plan is key. You can’t make assumptions and must gather intelligence.” Intel Senior Manager, Office of the CEO, Intel Corporation

“Intense, amazing how teams formed and how focused people were.”

“Excellent program. How do we follow up on skill set expansion now in our day job – i.e., individual project specification changes – after training.”

“This was an excellent experience. The dynamic nature of the simulation and the human interaction aspect made it have a real-world crazy feel to it that forced fast learning and understanding.”

“Wouldn’t change a thing.”

“Just based on sustained heart rate alone it was great! I ended up with a much more visceral feel for the relationships between different metrics in a business and the importance of leadership, strategy and decisiveness.”

“Far more fun than I expected. Great way to build camaraderie. Several “back to basics” moments for me that I will apply to my work. I am surprised by that in a good way.”

“Rated a 6 on a scale of 1 to 5. Extremely intense and challenging, interactive, bonding, revealing people’s strength, teamwork, leadership. I will miss the intensity when I return home.”

“Very dynamic – seemed to reflect reality.”

“I enjoyed it – would have liked to have had a 360 with simulation team.”



“Teamwork and financial trading were great.”

“Role play was fantastic.”

“Outstanding, challenging, thought provoking and a great test as well as many lessons learned.”

“Improving the communication between my team and customers has helped avoid misunderstandings. In every situation I face, I now try to get more detailed information to help me solve problems faster and more efficiently.”
Program Manager

“We’ve implemented weekly P&L reviews for the entire team so all managers (Test, Process, Product, Manufacturing, Industrial) understand, prioritize and document the actions they need to take to meet or improve our targets.”
Engineering Manager

“I now focus more on projects that impact the bottom line, set a strategy from the beginning and ask what I don’t know. As a result, we’re improving on-time delivery and productivity and identifying new ways to improve operations.”
IT Manager

“Focusing on ‘Thoughtful Fast Disciplined Execution’ I am accomplishing more with better results. Increased collaboration across group facilitated a fast startup, which delighted our customer. By asking questions, I found and used company assets that saved more than $40K on a project with more savings are to come.”
Director, Business Solutions

“I have started using a questioning attitude in everything I approach to find new ways to drive cost out of the business and improve service. The training opened my eyes to the value of team expertise and of understanding how functions work together so we can drive results cohesively.”
Business Development Manager

“My experience was incredible and inspirational. I have used the inspiration and the ideas from the business simulation to listen to cross functional teams and connect the pieces to develop a vision. Once the vision is in place the rest is as simple as as empowering and provide the resources to make reality and results greater than the vision.”
Program Manager

This is a good exercise to stress teamwork, the importance of assigning roles and then driving accountability and developing trust. It takes all functions of the organization to be successful and requires a collaboration to make it work. However, collaboration without leadership and understanding the role of the decision maker can lead to a floundering team. It was also a good exercise to practice your development goals in a "semi-real" environment. The member exchange worked well to share ideas, lessons learned and best practices.
GE Manager

Great session, learned a lot about the importance of the different functions in an organization, also great team experience where we really worked as a team together respecting each other roles in the team but also being open to support other roles when needed.
GE Manager

Role play from team as well as from TriCorp was great. The learnings and takeaways from this made it well worth the two days! Best module thus far.
GE Manager

Our team took roles we were not our normal roles . . . I took on a finance role and learned a tremendous amount. In particular, I learned how to identify variable and base cost as well as how they were impacted based on our decisions and budget. I also learned how important the marketing function is it defining a market and price.
GE Manager

Engagement, simple rules, maintaining the excitement thru out the session, great role play, encouraging creative deals - a great overall experience. Thanks to the Tri Corporation team.
GE Manager

Done many Simulations... nothing like this one - Interaction with the various characters brings reality to life - Loves the results analysis... shows you how different managers are in the real world!
GE Manager

Real life module...GREAT!...would have loved to do it for a few more quarters... balancing all 3 aspects, engineering, operations and marketing/sales is very difficult. Was very realistic.
GE Manager

Fantastic exercise. Intense, fun, exhaustive, and like the Communications session, opened my eyes to my areas of development on both technical and leadership fronts.
GE Manager

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