Client Testimonials

"Many approaches to leadership development work well if the participants are highly energized and motivated volunteers. Having seen TRI’s results for twenty years in GE and many other organizations, what I find most amazing is the remarkable impact TRI has had, even among participants who definitely did not volunteer and would have much preferred to be elsewhere. I have seen the most hardened skeptics become absolutely engrossed in the simulation experience, and the change in their energy levels, business acumen, and subsequent productivity have been consistently remarkable.”

Steve Kerr,
Executive Director, JWMI Chancellor University, and former CLO, GE and Goldman Sachs
Jack Welch Management Institute

"The Tri Corp team practices what they preach. They produce great learning experiences that give the look and feel of real world problem solving. We used them in several different course situations and each time they were able to tailor a program to meet our goals. Their strong course facilitation & knowledge helps participants connect the simulation arena to the everyday issues at hand. A great team to work with in developing executives of any company."

Bonnie McIvor,
Head of Learning,

“We engaged with TRI Corp to develop an intensive leadership forum and learning environment that would help us make substantial progress on these objectives. Our senior managers walked out of the program with:"

  • Clarity around the expectations of their role as a Senior Manager in Intermec’s strategic direction and priorities,
  • Increased skill in applying the levers across all business functions that drive growth, profitability and shareholder value,
  • A renewed sense of the importance of operational excellence - putting a stake in the ground, establishing clear metrics and meeting commitments,
  • Deep appreciation for the interdependence of all business functions and the need for senior leaders to drive collaboration where it’s required,
  • An understanding of the total customer experience and the economics behind it,
  • A Personal Leadership Plan (PLP) to develop themselves as leaders build organizational capability and engage their teams in fulfilling their commitments,
  • A greater sense of purpose, teamwork and leadership focus and a robust network of peers who share similar challenges.

  • "TRI has become our trusted partner for developing our people and aligning them to our business strategy.”

    Pat Byrne,
    President and Chief Executive Officer,

    “Agilent Technologies was looking for an external partner that would understand our business challenges and co-design a highly engaging simulation from a real world perspective. TRI Corp. provided our senior leaders with a challenging program that helped them to think critically about meeting our financial and growth commitments in an extremely competitive global market. Teams worked collaboratively throughout the program and learned the value of diverse thinking when looking at customer needs. The program has helped us stay focused on our strategic intent. We value and appreciate our relationship with TRI Corp’s consultants.”

    William P. Sullivan,
    President and Chief Executive Officer,
    Agilent Technologies

    “I would like to congratulate TRI Corp. and thank Tom Conine in particular for another successful year of Critical Thinking and the valuable contribution to the Boeing Company. The extraordinary knowledge and experience that Tom brings to each class is reflected in the increased Financial Acumen and Critical Thinking Skills of over 250 business employees throughout the company. Without his enthusiastic efforts, this would not be the highly regarded program that it has become.”

    Michael J. Cave,
    Senior Vice President & CFO,
    Boeing Commercial Airplanes

    “Electronic Arts puts a premium on growth and driving shareholder value. TRI Corp helped us develop and deliver an immersive simulation for EA’s Innovative Biz Leaders Program to challenge our people to think critically and learn new skills. The simulation anticipates the business challenges and complexities that our leaders are facing as we compete in a fast changing environment. TRI Corp’s partnership with EA has been outstanding and will help us “win” as industry leaders.”

    Warren Jenson,
    Executive Vice President, CAO and CFO,
    Electronic Arts

    “Since the early 80s, Tom Conine has provided world class corporate education for GE Finance at Crotonville. Tom brings passion to teaching finance from the perspective of finance becoming a value added business partner. While creating shareholder value is at the heart of his pedagogy, what is unique is how he delivers this message from the balance of soft and hard skill integration within a framework of meeting commitments.”

    Dennis D. Dammerman,
    Retired Vice Chairman of the Board & Executive Officer,
    General Electric

    “TRI Corp. enabled us to take a much more strategic view toward executive talent management – what its key issues and challenges are. More importantly, they helped us solve our pain.”

    Kevin Wilde,
    Chief Learning Officer,
    General Mills

    “For the last eight years, Tom Conine and the TRI Corp. team have partnered with the senior finance staff at Stanley to co-develop, offer and continually update the “Fundamentals of Finance Excellence” training program. This two week course has been instrumental in creating value-added financial partners for all Stanley businesses with an emphasis on profitable growth. Year after year, Stanley participants continue to rate this experience as one of their best.”

    Jim Loree,
    Executive Vice President & CFO,
    The Stanley Works

    “Each year, the TRI business simulation week is the centerpiece of the three-month, Diamond Leadership Development Program for senior Clorox leaders. Participants find themselves immersed into a world that very quickly becomes remarkably real… It’s a true learning laboratory that encourages participants to think and act in new ways. It’s a challenging week that leaves participants quite exhausted, yet wanting more! The TRI team is simply the best! Their planning and execution is flawless. They are highly collaborative and always ready, willing and able to incorporate key Clorox issues into the week. Finally, they deliver a unique balance of learning and doing throughout the week. In today’s competitive business environment, TRI offers participants a place to stretch their comfort zone, a place to take risks, a place to make mistakes, a place to learn... because when TRI leaves, it is for real! ”

    Todd Slingsby,
    Vice President, People & Organization Development & CFO,
    The Clorox Company