Monitor Executive Development

At Monitor Group, we believe the best and most impactful executive development is inseparable from an organization’s strategy, culture and environment. We know from experience that everything about the design, development and delivery of successful learning experiences depends on context. And, while we deeply respect the tried-and-true development approaches of the past 50 years, we are also interested in new perspectives. That makes us the ideal partner for inventing, or reinventing, your approach to executive learning.

Synet Group

SyNet aims to be the vendor of choice to leading global organizations for the design, customization and delivery of Human Resources learning & development initiatives in all major markets and across diverse cultures. We will earn this reputation by providing our clients with services of the highest quality, which are cost-effective and consistently reliable. Our uncompromising integrity in dealing with internal and external stakeholders is the foundation of our business practices. Our clients will enter a truly professional collaboration – we are what we teach.

Dennis J. Encarnation and Associates

Dennis J. Encarnation & Associates,LLC, started as the natural extension of the teaching, research and consulting activities of a single individual. Beginning at Stanford University, and continuing for nearly 3 decades at Harvard University, we have expanded well beyond a single individual to embrace a wide array of collaborations, partnerships and networks: with colleagues at Harvard and other institutions, with international experts on specific sectors and geographies, with an ever-expanding global network of consultants who both complement and supplement the work that we do to add value to our clients.

Wilhelm Consulting Partners
Global Consulting Alliance

Global Consulting Alliance is a group of professionals, academics and support providers who consult to organizations on human resource management. The Alliance's consulting activities focus only on those areas where our expertise is world class. Because of our knowledge and experience, we produce superior results in less time than can other consultants.