TRI's History

In the mid-70s, Tom Conine, then a Ph.D. candidate at New York University, managed the Stanford Bank simulation for one of his professors. This assignment became central to his consulting work with GE over many years and contributed greatly to his financial teaching skills.

David Sims, a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, the University of Pennsylvania was working for GE at the same time. David designed, developed and implemented business simulations that became the cornerstone of GE’s world renowned management development institute (aka Crotonville).

David left GE in the early 1980s and formed a business called Planning and Decision Sciences (PDS), which created simulations for GTE, Tektronix, AT&T and other leading companies. In the early 80s, Tom joined the faculty at Fairfield University’s School of Business, where he successfully performed as associate dean and also taught various companies’ finance programs.

In August 1986, Tom and David both worked in programs at Crotonville. Tom specialized in finance and David in competitive business simulations. Each was asked to compete for the same job. Within minutes of meeting they recognized and acknowledged, “Why not combine our strengths?” They approached John Foley, program manager and submitted a joint proposal, which was ultimately accepted.

The program name at GE changed many times but the seeds for TRI Corporation were being sowed. They knew then – as they do now – that customers were the third crucial component.

During that time, PDS also created and implemented simulation programs for Tektronix’s general managers. At these programs David met Carlo Peratoner, who provided program technology support for Tektronix. David and Carlo decided to collaborate based on their mutually beneficial technology and simulation service offerings.

In August 1991, TRI Corporation formally incorporated and built a superior team of consultants that substantially differentiated the company. TRI Corp. worked with a handful of companies as diverse as Gazprom in Russia, the largest extractor of natural gas in the world, and also served organizations in China and Asia. Carlo officially joined TRI Corp. as a consultant in the late 90s and became a partner in 2004.

TRI Corp.’s active customer has since base grown substantially. Our consultant base has also expanded into the finest team in the simulation business. TRI Corp.’s consultants include former Chief Learning Officers, academics, military officers , not-for-profit senior executives and many senior corporate executives with former ties to the leading companies of the worldAll of TRI Corp.’s partners and consultants are bound by one goal: meet and exceed client commitments.

TRI Corp. is passionate about teaching others and seeing the joy that results when genuine learning occurs. This passion has connected TRI Corp. and all of our team members across the decades. Tom and David were always independently motivated to never let anyone fail and always meet their commitments. Those themes serve TRI Corporation to this very day.