Michael Sherretz

Leadership/Industry Expertise

Michael (Mike) Sherretz, a consultant with TRI Corporation, is co-founder of Leaderstyles International Co., LTD. He specializes in business simulation programs and creative manufacturing consulting. These programs focus on assisting leaders with creating and maintaining high performing, highly innovative sites.


Mike grew up in Pennsylvania where he attended school and worked in the oil and gas industry for 10 years. His chemical engineering background and ability to relate to others has allowed him to work in many places around the world. He has been working in Asia since the mid 90’s and has extensive European experience as well. Mike truly enjoys the interaction with clients and receives a lot of positive feedback because he relates to them so well.

Positions Held

  • Co-founder, Leaderstyles International Co., LTD (current)
  • Founder, My Homebrew Store, Shanghai, China (current)
  • China Country Manager and General Manager, Tyco Fire and Security
  • Vice President, Manufacturing, Gambro, a global healthcare provider
  • General Manager, Operations Manager, PPG Industries Inc.
  • Vice President, Am Cham, Tianjin, China

Accomplishments & Awards

    Mike has worked overseas for more than 20 years and led many organizations to achieve top quality awards at Chrysler, Ford, GM and many others. He was awarded the Top Manager Award by the Tianjin Economic Development Zone, four years in a row and was selected as the PPG Pacesetter award recipient. He has vast industry exposure and experience including oil and gas, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, life safety and fire, manufacturing and joint venture operations.


  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from Geneva College, Pennsylvania


    Mike has three sons and two granddaughters, and lives in Shanghai with his wife and youngest son. He also trains people for free at his new homebrew shop in Shanghai and spends a lot of his time with community projects.