Dennis Encarnation, Ph.D.

Leadership/Industry Expertise

Dennis Encarnation, a consultant with TRI Corporation, focuses on the execution of corporate strategy as it intersects with government policy, with special attention to foreign investment and international trade. Throughout his career, Dennis has worked as a consultant to multinational corporations, government agencies, and multilateral organizations. In 2007, he retired from Harvard University, completing 25 years of service. Dennis spent the first half of his Harvard career on the faculty of the Harvard Business School. He subsequently joined what was then the newly established Center for Business and Government, now housed in the Harvard Kennedy School. Dennis has authored five books and over three dozen articles and case studies.


Dennis’ clients include multinationals based in the Asia-Pacific, including the CP Group in China/ASEA, the Tata Group in India, Samsung in Korea and ANZ in Australia. His European clients include DHL and Unilever, and his U.S. clients include, among others, Boeing, General Electric, Monsanto and Gale International.


Dennis’ work in government began with a two-year stint in the U.S. Office of Management and Budget. He continues to serve finance ministries and foreign investment agencies in Africa, South America, Asia and the Middle East, often contributing as part of a larger World Bank/IFC team. Dennis has lived and worked around the world: he began his doctoral research in India; conducted numerous sabbaticals in Southeast Asia and China, worked in the Ministry of International Trade and Industry in Japan; taught INSEAD in France and has also served clients in Latin America.

Positions Held

  • Consultant, Corporate Strategy and Government Policy
  • Professor, Harvard Business School and Center for Business and Government, Harvard Kennedy School

Accomplishments & Awards

  • Dennis founded Harvard Kennedy School’s Asia programs, and taught an award-winning course on globalization to hundreds of graduate students from Harvard, MIT and elsewhere.
  • In retirement he will continue to oversee this course and run an annual Harvard conference on globalization.


Dennis’ work began at Duke University, where he received three graduate degrees. He continued at Stanford University and taught for three years before joining Harvard.


Dennis’ extended family resides in Portugal. Each summer, he lives on an island off the coast of Down-east Maine. Dennis actively coaches baseball for his two sons and also plays baseball in an inter-island league.